Why join

The BMRC incentivizes sustainable forest management through international promotion of members’ National Sustainable Forestry Systems – and the forest products they deliver.

A coalition supporting sustainable forest products trade

BMRC members work together to develop and implement their NSFS. It is a forum for mutual support, best practice and information exchange in forest governance development. BMRC will independently endorse members’ NSFS and promote them in demand-side markets. By pooling resources, members are also better placed to influence and gain acceptance of their forest products under public and private procurement policies worldwide.

Mutual support

Members collaborate in advancing forest governance.


BMRC conveys a strong, single message on behalf of members on the sustainability of products delivered under their endorsed NSFS.

Procurement policy acceptance

Presenting a united front, BMRC members can better influence public and private sector procurement policy in consumer markets.

Donor support

The BMRC will leverage donor support by providing a clear path for member countries to achieve sustainable forestry in line with internationally agreed principles.

Investment assurance

Members’ independently BMRC-endorsed NSFS help to formalize forest enterprises and assure their long-term viability, increasing financial institutions’ confidence in members’ wider forest sectors and making them more investible.

Global Forest Pledge linkage

The BMRC will highlight linkages between BMRC objectives and aims of the Global Forest Finance Pledge, signed by countries at COP26 and promising US$12 billion for forest-related climate finance to 2025.

How to join

Membership of the BMRC is open to timber producing tropical countries worldwide.

Path to BMRC

Formed to build on and promote tropical countries’ achievements developing sustainable forestry systems.