What we do

The BMRC provides a strong, single voice to communicate members’ National Sustainable Forestry Systems (NSFS) and the products they deliver worldwide.

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The BMRC has its roots in the Tropical Timber Accord, presented at COP 26. This stated that, to underpin sustainable tropical forest management, a body was needed to communicate achievements of tropical National Sustainable Forestry Systems in consumer markets globally. So six countries, Indonesia, Guyana, Cameroon, Liberia, the Republic of the Congo and Ghana came together to launch the BMRC.

broader market recognition coalition - tropical forest

How it works

The BMRC comprises a range of bodies, made up of stakeholders from member countries representing government, civil society and private sector. Their functions are clearly delineated for transparency and to avoid any conflicts of interest. The governance structure will ensure members’ National Sustainable Forestry Systems (NSFS) are independently and impartially assessed, validated and endorsed.

The Roadmap

The BMRC Roadmap is the outcome of broad stakeholder consultation. It describes the Coalition’s structure, its aim to win consumer market recognition of members’ Sustainable Forestry Systems and how this is to be achieved.

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The BMRC is open to timber producing tropical forest countries. Non-tropical countries and international agencies can join as associate members.

About BMRC

The BMRC’s central role is to incentivize sustainable tropical forest management through international trade.