Our path

The BMRC has formed to build on and promote tropical countries’ achievements developing timber legality assurance and sustainable forestry systems.

Path to BMRC

The creation of the BMRC tracks back to the Tropical Timber Accord, a call to action to advance good tropical forest governance presented at COP26 in 2021. Accord signatories agreed positive impacts had been achieved by the EU FLEGT programme – which was designed to incentivise and support development of timber legality assurance systems in tropical countries by giving FLEGT-licensed products preferential market access. But they concluded, FLEGT’s influence was limited by the fact its licences were only recognised in the EU and UK.

What was needed to further advance legal and sustainable forest management in tropical countries was an initiative to promote their National Sustainable Forestry Systems and products they delivered in consumer countries’ globally. After further discussions, including at COP27, this led to the launch of the BMRC at a Bali policy forum in March 2023.

The BMRC Timeline

BMRC draws on the collective experience acquired from FLEGT and the VPAs over the past two decades. Flick through our timeline for our journey so far.

COP26 Launch of Tropical Timber Accord
cop26 glasgow

Glasgow, UK

“Global Forests need Global Governance: Tropical Timber Accord” developed in dialogue with 14 of the 15 VPA countries. This call for action was presented at the UK Pavilion, Indonesian Pavilion, Nature+ Positive and COMIFAC Pavilion at COP26 in Glasgow

Side event
event in roadmap to BMRC

London, UK

Event held on “Incentivizing Good Forest Governance through Broader Market Recognition of National Systems” to discuss the policy points proposed in the Tropical Timber Accord and next steps. Formation of the first Interim Secretariat.

Global Forum on Forest Governance event
forest governance

Chatham House, London, UK

Commissioned study by the Centre for Transdisciplinary and Sustainability Science (CTSS) IPB University. Presentation from the MoEF, Government of Indonesia.

Policy Forum
policy forum

London, UK

A policy forum to discuss Broader Market Recognition established the Joint Statement and collaboration between the six attending producer countries formalised into a coalition: Cameroon, Ghana, Guyana, Indonesia, Liberia and Republic of Congo.

COP27 “Beyond FLEGT” Indonesia Pavilion session
cop27 event

Sharm el-Sheik, Egypt

The Indonesia Pavilion hosted a talk-show session “Beyond FLEGT” and launched the Joint Statement of six tropical countries on the need for broader market recognition.

Policy Forum
Bali policy forum

Bali Indonesia

Over 50 representatives of the coalition of six tropical timber producing countries, consultant and supporters met in Bali to discuss “Incentivising good forest governance through broader market recognition of national systems”.

The name Broader Market Recognition Coalition (BMRC) was agreed, the draft roadmap developed, and BMRC Interim Secretariat established.

BMRC Roadmap launched
bmrc roadmap

Over a series of dialogue session with the stakeholders representing civil society, private sector and government, the BMRC Roadmap was developed and finalised in July 2023. Comprising 10 sections, the Roadmap expands on the principles laid out and agreed in the Joint Statement and offers a framework to further BMRC’s objectives.


The BMRC is open to timber producing tropical forest countries which commit to validation of their forestry systems to key sustainable and legal management indicators.

About BMRC

The BMRC’s central role is to incentivize sustainable tropical forest management through international trade.