The BMRC is led and administered by members for members, with broad stakeholder engagement across its governance structure.

Institutional framework

The BMRC institutional framework comprises a number of bodies with specific functions. It will engage stakeholders from member countries representing government, private sector and civil society. It is designed to be logical and transparent, with functions clearly delineated to avoid conflicts of interests and ensure impartiality. It will also be a forum to drive continuous forest governance improvement and exchange best practice between members.


BMRC Council

The Council is the lead executive body. It will decide on admission of new member countries, standards against which National Sustainable Forest Systems (NSFS) are assessed, endorsement of the latter and market promotion of BMRC country products. It will also determine financial arrangements. It comprises government, private sector and civil society representatives from each BMRC country.


BMRC Secretariat

The Secretariat will be a smaller body, involving member representatives with relevant expertise. It will undertake day-to-day management functions, with responsibilities including fund-raising and financial management, promotion of the BMRC framework communications and managing logo and trademark use down the supply chain.


Endorsement Criteria Review Body (ECRB)

The Endorsement Criteria Review Body comprises independent experts. It will review, amend where required and make recommendations to the Council on criteria and indicators for BMRC endorsement of NSFS.


Independent Assessment Panel

An Independent Assessment Panel, also made up of technical experts, will assess the BMRC members’ NSFS against the endorsement criteria.


Broader Market Recognition Panel

The Broader Market Recognition Panel of independent experts will advise the BMRC on how to achieve global political and market recognition of endorsed NSFS. It will advise on consumer market policy and regulatory measures affecting market access of forest products.


BMRC National Committee

Each BMRC member has its own National Committee involving the range of stakeholders. It will set schedules and manage action plans for development, implementation and operation of its country’s NSFS.

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