Announcement – COP28

Spotlight on BMRC: Driving Sustainable Forest Governance at COP28

As the world converges on COP28 in Dubai, the Broader Market Recognition Coalition (BMRC) takes centre stage with two impactful events focused on incentivising good tropical forest governance and spearheading international efforts to combat deforestation.

While each session will focus on their region of the world and host different high-level speakers from the founding member countries of the BMR Coalition, both events will highlight the fundamental principles on which BMRC is being built and invite other countries, organisations and international agencies to join. For details, visit our events section.

Indonesian Pavilion (Blue Zone) COP28 Dubai
BMRC Live at COP28: Incentivising Good Tropical Forest Governance
Date: Friday 8th December, 17:30 – 18:50 local UAE time
Live Streaming: Indonesia Pavilion Session Day 8 on YouTube

COMIFAC Initiatives Pavilion (Blue Zone), COP28 Dubai
BMRC Live at COP28″: International Coalition to Tackle Deforestation
Date: Saturday 9th December, 10:30 – 12:00 local UAE time
Live Streaming: COMIFAC on YouTube

About the BMRC

The BMRC has emerged as a global initiative to promote and reward good governance in forest management, ultimately reducing illegal deforestation. Recognising strong national governance standards is crucial in creating a level playing field in promoting legal timber trades.

Drawing on the collective wisdom gained from the Forest Law Enforcement, Governance, and Trade (FLEGT) program and Voluntary Partnership Agreements (VPAs) over the past two decades, the BMRC’s expertise is at the forefront of discussions at the Indonesia and COMIFAC Pavilion during COP28.

In these crucial discussions and collaborative efforts, the BMRC is driving the narrative forward for sustainable forest practices, recognising the importance of fostering international cooperation in safeguarding our vital tropical forests. Join us as good forest governance takes centre stage on the global agenda.


For any further information on these events, please contact the BMRC Interim Secretariat